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WomensHoopsWorld: Leading independent women ’s basketball news site

the6man May 17

Sue Favor, wearing a golden shirt, laughed with her assistant during a game at the Pauley Pavilion in December 2019.


WomensHoopsWorld is an independent women ’s basketball news, and its featured website covers all levels of the game: college, career, international and high school.

The uniqueness of the WomensHoopsWorld brand lies in its unique features and news reports about the players, coaches and surrounding people in the game. It is our mission to tell people ’s stories to the women ’s basketball team, because the game is full of smart, brave, strong, unremitting, innovative, caring, fierce, knowledgeable and smart people. Some are in the spotlight, some are in the spotlight. Everyone’s story is very important.

We also provide a comprehensive list of links that provide daily links to stories about women ’s basketball from many news outlets across the country. We believe that information is power, so we are committed to providing every copy of the sport we may find. We release it every year.

The origin of the website

Founder Sue Favor founded “They are playing basketball” She wrote a blog in 2008. She has written for two independent women ’s basketball news organizations for 7 years before creating Women’s Basketball World In 2015. As the editor and senior writer of the magazine, Favor has a group of rotating writers who contribute to special reports and news reports. Many in the industry believe that WomensHoopsWorld is the first site to get women ’s basketball news on the Internet. Favor has been a guest on numerous podcasts and is cited in the story’s characteristics. Women’s Basketball World Twitter account 2-4 million Tweet impressions are generated every month.

Favor is a native of the Pacific Northwest. She learned to read before her fourth birthday and started writing short stories in kindergarten. Her father started to take her to the college women ’s basketball game In the 1981-1982 season (the first year of the women’s NCAA championship game), she had an unforgettable life.

Favor worked as a full-time reporter in the 1990s and lived in Seattle when the WNBA Seattle Storm was founded. She used to be a personal trainer and is now an educator and writer. Favor has a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Science and Teaching Certificate, and has been working hard to learn new things. She lives in Los Angeles.

Support the world of women’s basketball

Over the years, as we have provided services to the women ’s basketball community, the website and blog have received millions of views. All donations are used to maintain the website, travel time and fuel used to play and cover the game, time spent in face-to-face and telephone interviews, airfare and accommodation costs, and other expenses. We thank you very much for accepting every donation, you can make donations through our PayPal account, WHWorld.

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