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Zach LaVine on Jim Boylen’s future with the Bulls: “It’s not my job to judge someone.”

the6man Jun 09

Photo by Chris Schwegler / NBAE via Getty Images

Zach LaVine talked about Chicago Bulls head coach Jim Boylen and his future with the team.

LaVine praised Boylen for his efforts, but said he would leave the decision to the senior.

“I will always say the same thing that I always have. It is not my job to judge someone. I think they go out there and do their best. I don’t think anyone in this organization or the NBA goes out there and tries to fail.

Sometimes it’s because of your power, your profit-loss record, or what’s going on in games. I know he tries, he does his best, and as a player sometimes that’s all you can ask for.

As a player, I try to go out there, follow the leadership, go out and do my job, and I leave that decision to those things to senior management. That is not my role in the organization. I think you knew I would answer that correctly, ”said LaVine about Sam Smith from Bulls.com.

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