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Zero players test positive for coronavirus in NBA bubble

the6man Jul 21

Today, some good news came from the Orlando bubble, as the NBA and the NBPA announced that of the 346 players tested last week, none of the players tested positive for COVID-19.

This is immortal news, because the alliance only took 10 days to start moving forward again on July 30.

The latest update shared by the league stated that 2 out of every 322 players tested positive for the virus.

With some players moving away from the bubble, and rookies who tend to the Pelicans feel like Zion Williamson and other family life, the success of the bubble will depend on the players going through the right agreement before returning to the court.

According to the league itself, if a player’s test result is positive, he will be isolated until he has passed all the league rules that he needs to pass before he can rejoin his team.

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This post is written by Wentreal Holland


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