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Zion Williamson filed protection order in ongoing lawsuit

the6man May 29

Zion Williamson is handling a lawsuit accusing him of accepting illegal benefits while at Duke. Now he has signed a protection order to prevent Gina Ford from inquiring about the history of his Duke. Ford filed a $ 100 million lawsuit in this case.

Williamson spent a season at Duke University, and he allegedly signed a marketing agreement with Ford before exiting. Williamson’s legal team referred to these requirements as “aggressive” and “irrelevant.”

Ford is the president of Prime Marketing Sports. It was originally planned to sign a five-year contract, but Williamson eventually canceled the agreement and turned to cooperate with CAA Sports.

Both Williamson and Ford argued back and forth. As Williamson (Williamson) said, she is deceptive, if he wants to sign, it is not included in the contract, because his college career is over. Ford can refute that Williamson knew his college days were over.

However, the fact remains that unless you hire an agent for the draft, you can still return to the university. It doesn’t matter how high your pursuit of draft picks is. These are the rules.

Ford was angry because she did not quickly become a customer of one of the NBA superstars. Williamson is a rising star, and it will bring a lot of money to the company. This is likely to become an out-of-court settlement case, because it involves a lot of back and forth.

In terms of obtaining illegal benefits, this must not prevent Ford from getting paid. This is something that NCAA and Duke must deal with. This has nothing to do with Williamson’s choice of CAA over Prime Marketing Sports.

But unless there is a written and written agreement is fixed. There should be no problems between the two parties.

stay tuned.

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