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Zion Williamson is “angry” about not playing tight time

the6man Aug 01

Zion Williamson of the New Orleans Pelicans has been subject to a minute limit throughout the season.

However, in the NBA restart game against the Utah Jazz, the rookies were not satisfied with the limited playing time.

Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes appeared in Dan Patrick Show Discuss everything that happened in Orlando and Williamson’s lack of games in Thursday night’s game.

The 6-foot-6 center scored 13 points with 8 scores and 6 goals in just 15 minutes, and finally lost 106-104.

Haynes continued to tell Patrick that the rookie was “very angry.”

“I have to say that, Zion is very angry,” Haines said.

“Like, he wants to play. Obviously, I think the members of the Pelicans feel that if he can stay the course or play important minutes, they will win last night.”

Haynes explained that the Pelicans wanted to use Williamson, and Williamson had to leave the bubble in order to have a lot of melee.

Basically, the team wants Zion to play three to four minutes in a row.

However, he does not have any formal meeting record restrictions.

Looking ahead, Williamson is expected to gain more time as the Pelicans fight for the eighth and final playoff spot in the Western Conference.

The Pelicans’ next game is against the Los Angeles Clippers, but four of the remaining six games for Pell will be against the lowest-level teams in the West, including the Orlando Magic and the injured Washington Wizards.

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