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Zion Williamson’s Stepdad suspected of paying $400K

the6man Jul 10

Such as Zion Williamson In order to adapt to the NBA to start again and adapt to life in the bubble, his legal team will work overtime.

A new court document stated that William Anderson’s stepfather Lee Anderson paid $400,000, which was before the first year of the Great Pelican teaching for Duke University.

Williamson’s lawyers are refuting this allegation, claiming fraud and forgery.

The affidavit alleging bribery was filed on behalf of marketing agent Gina Ford, who sought to claim $100 million from him. Williamson After he left her Prime Marketing Sports and signed with CAA.

Ford tried to prove that Williamson was never qualified to play for Duke, so she supported her claim that Zion was obliged to perform its transaction under the contract.

The affidavit was filed in the United States District Court in North Carolina, stating that Anderson accepted a $400,000 payment from the largest management group in Ontario, Canada.

Donald Kreiss claimed to have assisted MMG’s Slavko Duric (Slavko Duric) and described his participation in the affidavit.

“Further understanding, in order to ensure that Lee Anderson (representing the agents of Zion Williamson and the Zion Williamson family) made an export promise, requiring Zion to sign with’MMG’, Lee Anderson requested that Durick pay Gave about $400,000 to Lee Anderson and Chubby well“, Kreiss wrote.

The NCAA prohibits players from signing contracts with agents. If the allegations are true, Williamson will not be eligible to play for Duke.

Initially, Williamson signed a five-year agreement with Ford’s Prime Marketing Sports, but Williamson sued Ford’s agents before being drafted by the Pelicans in 2019. Under North Carolina agent law, The contract is illegal to protect amateur athletes.

Williamson’s lawyer Jeffrey S. Klein said in a statement to athletics: “This is a time when Williamson has the opportunity to realize his professional basketball dream. Desperate and irresponsible attempts to smear.”

Pelicans arrive Orlando Start the season again on Wednesday.

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